WW2 3.5 Rules

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Welcome to:
Imperium Gaming WW2 3.5

1. Always be respectful of other players, let them be if you don't like them!
2. Always be respectful of staff members, do NOT lie to them, they are here to help, not to be annoyed.
3. Work with your side, always follow orders of your officers.
4. Do not purposefully go against your side, no team killing is allowed, do not try to purposefully work with the other side.
5. Respect the era, talk like it's late 1944/early 1945. (do NOT be excessively racist while doing so!)
6. Do not minge and ruin the experience of other people!
7. Tankers and Logistical units: Do NOT repair your vehicles at all in the field! No matter if their engine is dead or not!
8. Do NOT shoot or enter into the enemy base. You can only shoot in if you get shot at first, and you can only come in during special situations (POW situations)

9. FearRP applies, if you are told to surrender while a gun is pointed at you (no matter if you have one out yourself), surrender to the enemy.
10. Do not try to break the morale of your side during events. (eg. don't say you're not participating in a event)
11. No more than 3 armored vehicles per side at a time.
12. No more than 2 artillery pieces per side at a time.
13. Base raiding is NOT allowed in any shape or form.
14. Do not trench hop on Falaise! (jumping on the bushes of the Falaise trench, you can still jump on the side of the trench!)
15. Do not bunny hop extensively during combat, do not jump corners!
16. ERP (erotic roleplay) is NOT allowed!
17. Do not shoot paratroopers in the air!
18. Medics can NOT heal during combat!
19. Pioneers and Engineer can NOT place emplacements during combat!
20. Civilians can only be KOSed if they have a weapon out, are blocking a capture point, or are known to be dangerous. (you can KOS soldiers of both sides as a civilian)
21. The Military Police and the Feldgendarmerie can NOT cuff people mid-firefight.

PAC Rules
1. Do not use PAC to display any gore or NSFW material.
2. Do not use PACs that are generally abusive in up-time. (eg. a fortnite dance or Fallout armor etc.)
3. Do not use PAC for disguising yourself as the enemy.
4. Do not use PAC for any sort of exploits.
5. Do not use vehicle PACs that don't have the same shape as your original vehicle, try to stick to modifying your vehicles instead of replacing them with different models.
5. It is encouraged you put an "on death" event that hides your PAC after you die.
6. Full on playermodel replacement PACs have the following requirements
  a) They NEED to have an event that hides them on death (otherwise your playermodel will continue in the last animation it had until you respawn)
  b) If you're using a custom model, it NEEDS to be light-weight, any Admin+ that says your PAC is too big is permitted to kick you or ban you (after multiple offenses) if you don't take your PAC off.
  c) Your model can not be excessive compared to other playermodels, for example, don't use a full Syntax model when we have Day of Infamy models, using for eg. camouflage from a different time period is also prohibited.

Imperium Gaming main Discord

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Welcome to Imperiums NEW FOURMS

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[IG] Murlock
Welcome to our new Forums.

The old one (MYBB) was hacked by Russian bots trying to sell us fornite money.

So, we are going to be using Mist Forums for now.